C·F·V·M &co.

is from here on the official flag/brand under which all future forum watches that will be made here. Although C·F·V·M is a registered brand, it is completely dependent and identified with CronoforVm. The “& Co.” in C·F·V·M will refer to the collaborating brand or watchmaker that is involved in the project. The way that C·F·V·M operates is different form what is known to date as a "forum project”. Some will not be content with that but these new guidelines are set to insure that these projects come to see the light with all guarantees and with little incidents as possible.

We understand that the lack of “say” by the forum members on the final design of the piece is a contradiction in a “forum watch” concept. Due to the peculiarities and ways of collaboration with different brands/watchmakers work we need to limit the people involved in the decision making process to ensure the viability of the project. In most cases these limitations will be imposed by the brand/watchmaker in order to ensure a fluid communication between us and them.

Thank you all,
© CronoforVm